After Cooperstown, Monument Park at Yankee Stadium is the top pilgrimage destination for fans of America's pastime. Whether you love them or hate them, the history of baseball cannot be told without the Bronx Bombers and the many legends who have dawned pinstripes. Lovingly moved into the new stadium, Monument Park memorializes the many players and managers who have made significant contributions to Yankees baseball. Additionally, the new stadium is home to a fascinating museum that celebrates the team in even greater depth.

Yankee Stadium is my favorite stadium; I'm not going to lie to you. There's a certain feel you get in Yankee Stadium.
- Derek Jeter

What You Will See

Monument Park feels like a shrine. A line of monuments and plaques immortalize Yankees greats from Lou Gehrig to Derek Jeter. Monuments also honor Jackie Robinson and the victims of September 11. The museum upstairs houses an amazing collection of baseballs signed by current and former Yankee's players--one for every player with an at-bat for the team. You will also see some of the championship rings, trophies, and memorabilia from past Yankee's legends. Video installations loop with some of the team's greatest moments.

Why You Should Go

There are only two options for visiting Monument Park and the Museum: attend a home game or take a guided tour of the stadium in the off-season. Gameday provides for a more thorough experience, but get there early, as Monument Park closes before the first pitch. The museum remains open during most of the game and can be a welcome respite from the sun and crowds. The tour of the stadium is an excellent option as you are invited to areas normally not open to the public, but you do miss the energy of a sold-out crowd in the Bronx.