Lehman College, a branch of CUNY, hosts a small gallery space in its Fine Arts building. The museum has hosted dozens of diverse exhibitions over the year and serves the community by featuring artists and topics relevant to its diverse student body and unique Bronx neighborhood. It often serves as a second site for exhibitions at other museums and galleries which need more space. It's passionate and knowledgable staff make a visit well worth the trip to the Bronx.

What You Will See

Exhibitions at the Lehman gallery range from the artistic to the socially relevant. Shows have featured selections from the permanent collections of other New York museums, or examined themes in contemporary art like 'Time' and 'Gothic Influence'. The college is notable for its outreach to children in the community and occasionally hosts exhibitions examining trends in arts education or family-friendly topics.

Why You Should Go

Like other small, university galleries, the energy at the Lehman College gallery is much different from professional galleries closer to Manhattan. With an academic background and less pressure to find a blockbuster, these college galleries can take risks and explore topics that would not interest larger museums. And, because the Bronx traditionally has fewer contemporary art galleries and cultural programming that Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn, support of this institution goes much further than just another visitor at a Chelsea opening.