For more than 15 years the Front Room Gallery was at the center of the Williamsburg contemporary art scene, founded in the early days of Williamsburg renaissance as a creative hub in New York City. In 2017 it moved to the Lower East Side but has retained its energy and purpose. Since its inception, the gallery has focused on emerging contemporary artists, with occasion retrospectives for established names. The unassuming exterior belies the depth and breadth of the exhibits hosted in the airy interior. The gallery space is small and exhibits can be thoroughly consumed in a short visit. Watch the calendar as the gallery is closed between exhibitions.

The Front Room shows works that are at times ephemeral, conceptual or noncommercial in nature
- Mission Statement

What You Will See

Exhibitions at the Front Room Gallery feature works in nearly every contemporary artistic medium. The gallery has hosted shows featuring abstract sculptures, traditional paint on canvas, found art, photography and digital media. Previous artists who have shown work in the Front Room include several Brooklyn-based artists, including Thomas Broadbent, Emily Roz, Philip Simmons, and Erik Guzman. The clean, sparse gallery space allows curators tremendous flexibility in presenting the artist's work in an engrossing way. Recent exhibits have showcased photos from Stephen Mallon-the Brooklyn photographer's seventh show at the gallery whose work has been included in publications around the world.

Why You Should Go

The Lower East Side has no shortage of contemporary art galleries showcasing the work of contemporary New York artists. But the Front Room Gallery stands out in this crowded scene as a required stop on any gallery stroll. Front Room stood out in the crowded Williamsburg art scene and predates many of the LES galleries. It has demonstrated a sincere commitment to partnering with emerging artists to bring their work to a wider audience and develop their careers. The location makes it an easy addition to any weekend itinerary. Exhibits change every two or three months and the ever-popular openings are worth braving the crowds to experience.