The China Institute has been promoting bilateral understanding between citizens of the United States and China since its founding in 1926. In addition to its full calendar of lectures, classes, concerts, and films featuring celebrated Chinese thinkers and artists, the Institute houses a gallery and curates two major exhibitions each year, often comprised of works by contemporary and ancient Chinese artists. While not as large as other Chinese or Asian collections, the exhibits are thoughtful, academic, engaging, and fresh.

The United States welcomes the emergence of a China that is peaceful and prosperous and that supports international institutions.
- George W. Bush

What You Will See

Since its addition to the Institute in 1966, the gallery has hosted over 100 different exhibitions. Each year two long-running exhibits debut, complete with accompanying books, events, lectures, and tours. Some exhibits have featured solo retrospectives of contemporary artists. Others have delved deep into Chinese history and presented treasures from early dynasties--often objects that are leaving China for the first time. Check in on the exhibition calendar to see what part of Chinese culture will be celebrated next.

Why You Should Go

Between its long history and its modern relevance, the understanding of Chinese history and culture has never been more critical to modern patrons of art, political observers, and curious historians. The Chinese Institute was founded with this in mind. The gallery shows are always worth a careful visit (and admission is free) but watch the calendar for interesting lectures or concerts designed to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of this rich culture and its traditions.