The premier research center in the United States for the professional and amateur study of coins, currency, and medallioans sits in a small space in Downtown Manhattan. This goes far beyond mere coin-collecting. The Society hosts frequent lectures and presentations by the world's leading scholars, and curates several rotating exhibitions in its small gallery space. While the discussion begins with coins, given their importance to human society, conversations and exhibitions range from Ancient coinage to modern efforts to combat conterfiting. A short (and free) visit could easily entrap you in an deep exploration of a fascinating topic.

Life is short and so is money
- Bertolt Brecht

What You Will See

The socitey has amassed a collection of over 800,000 objects, supplemented by a scholarly library of over 100,000 volumes. Scholars and curators combine their expertice to create exhibitions which examine some small corner of global history, artistic styles on coins and currency, or the role fiat money plays in a modern or ancient society. The society's fascilities are vast and available for research, but most visitors confine themselves to the carefully presented exhibition space. Watch the calendar for upcoming presentations and special events.

Why You Should Go

While this seems like one of the most specialized museums in the city, coins sit at a fascinating intersection of history, art, industry, science, and politics. Exhibitions and events are less about the coin itself, instead focusing on the historical context and artistic process that led to the coins' production, use, and ultimate decline. You may not have interest in collecting coins yourself, but any visitor with a passing interest in history or an appreciation for compact artistry and design will find something to inspire their curiosity.