Voelker Orth Museum

Suggested Admission

Adults $ 5
  • Adults$ 5
  • Museum MembersFree


Closes 5:30pm
Sunday1:00 pm 4:00 pm
Tuesday1:00 pm 4:00 pm


Flushing, Queens
149-19 38th Avenue near Northern Boulevard Flushing Queens, New York

About the Museum

Voelker Orth is not the oldest historic home in the area by more than a century, but there is still valuable history preserved here. Much like the Lower East Side, the neighborhood of Flushing has changed with each new generation of immigrants. During the turn of the century, this was the landing place for waves of German immigrants. This home is one of the few remnants of an era when the neighborhood supported seven German-language newspapers.


What You Will See

Three activities comprise your visit to the Voelker Orth Museum. First, experience the lovingly-preserved home of German immigrants dating to the 1890s, complete with period furniture and original decor. The home also hosts occasional exhibits, usually related to local botany. Next, wander the Victorian Gardens--one of the best private gardens in the city and winner of a Gold Award in 2005 from the Long Island Nurserymen's Association. Finally, watch for birds. The gardens have become an oasis for local and migrating birds in the vast urbanization of New York.

Why You Should Go

Flushing is full of historic homes, parks, small museums, and pieces of history. The Voelker Orth House combines all three. The home represents a unique period of domestic architecture in the city and celebrates the history of early German immigration. The gardens are a beautiful oasis, cultivated with care and expertise. The museum is only open a few hours per week, so plan your visit carefully and include one of the several other small gems nearby.

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