UrbanGlass has been instructing hundreds of students in the art and science of creative glass manipulation since 1977 (when it was known as the New York Experimental Glass Workshop). While best known for its classes and studio space (and second-best for its charming retail shop), UrbanGlass maintains a large gallery space featuring rotating shows that explore the many ways artists use glass creatively. Exhibitions are free and well worth an afternoon in Fort Greene.

What You Will See

Artistic glass is much more than vases and ornaments (and bongs). Exhibitions at UrbanGlass explore varied uses, including neon signs, colored sand installations, decorative plates, reflective surfaces, and holographic effects. Exhibitions in the gallery space feature the works of students and instructors at UrbanGlass as well as well-known contemporary artists who incorporate glass into their works. Shows are experimental and forward-looking and unlike anything, you will see featured in contemporary art galleries around the city.

Why You Should Go

With hundreds of small, specialized contemporary art galleries around the city, it can be difficult to distinguish one from another. UrbanGlass suffers from no such limitation. It is the only gallery in the city to feature glasswork exclusively, and happily explores any experimentation in the realm of glass work. The best way to experience UrbanGlass would be to take one of its many popular classes and use the studio space. Beyond that, visit the gallery (and return often) to discover one of your new favorite artistic mediums.