The Staten Island Museum is the borough's oldest cultural institution and occupies and unique space in the museum landscape of the city. Combing the Met, the American Museum of Natural History and the New-York Historical Society into a single institution (and shrinking it a bit) would result in something like the Staten Island Museum. Both its permanent collection and rotating exhibits cover a broader variety of subjects than any other single institution in the city.

What You Will See

The museum's permanent collection is split between Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, and Historical Archives. Its art collection contains works from across the globe, some dating back to the Classical Period, through particular focus is placed on artwork produced in and around Staten Island. The museum's historical archives serve as the borough's own historical society, focusing on the long history of the Staten Island and the surrounding area. Natural Sciences covers botany, entomology, zoology, and paleontology, most notably the Davis collection of over 35,000 specimens of cicadas.

Why You Should Go

You would need to visit at least four separate museums to replicate the breadth of subjects housed in the Staten Island Museum. But the museum does not sacrifice depth of collections to enable its polymath mission. Delve deep into the topics that interest you most, whether it is traditional African Art, regional flora, nineteenth-century athletic clubs, or the history of Staten Island maritime industry. Watch the calendar for temporary exhibits as diverse as the museum's collection.