Self Taught Genius Gallery


Free Admission

Free Admission


Closes 5:30pm


Long Island City, Queens
47-29 32nd Place Long Island City Queens, New York

About the Museum

The unfortunate shuttering (and subsequent demolition) of the American Folk Art Museum's flagship building in 2013 continues to impact the city's museum landscape. While Folk Art is still on display in Manhattan, the museum's collections far exceed the museum's limited gallery space near Lincoln Center. In 2017, the museum opened the *Self-Taught Genius* gallery in its offices in Long Island City with the goal of making its permanent collection available for study.

-Current Exhibits-


What You Will See

The main museum focuses on temporary thematic exhibitions, with pieces drawn from its own collection or paired with loans from other institutions. While the *Self-Taught Genius Gallery* is also organized around changing thematic exhibitions, the themes are much broader and showcase only works from the museum's own collection. Folk Art spans mediums. Traditional paintings, sculptures, and photographs are on view. But so are less-common mediums of creative expression, including furniture, toys, carvings, and tools. And, of course, you will see quilts.

Why You Should Go

If you love the museum's flagship gallery in Manhattan, the short trip to Long Island City is richly rewarded by this gallery. But even if you think you are not a fan of Folk Art, give this a shot. The current state of Contemporary Art often makes it difficult to distinguish it from Folk Art. If you are a fan of the non-traditional, the creative outsider, or just quilts, include the *Self-Taught Genius Gallery* on your tour of L.I.C. shows.

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