The Wildlife Conservation Society manages one aquarium and four zoos--one in every borough except Staten Island (which still has its own zoo). While the Bronx is the bigger and Central Park's is better-known, the Queens Zoo in Corona Park still makes for a perfect day at the zoo. Stop by to see animals large and small, including an array of domestic animals including Texas longhorn cattle--in the urban jungle of New York, common farm animals are as rare a spectacle as bison and pudu.

What You Will See

The crown jewel of the zoo is its geodesic aviary, originally designed as part of the 1964 world's fair. Beyond the birds, the zoo has over 75 separate animal species, mainly native to the Americas, including bison, elk, alligators, and wolves. And no New York City zoo would be complete without active and charismatic sea lions. Be sure to catch one of the daily sea lion feedings--the highlight of any day at the zoo.

Why You Should Go

The Corona Park area is flush with cultural and natural diversions, including the Hall of Science, the Queens Museum, and the Botanical Garden. The Queens Zoo, with its many attractions, is a worthy competitor for your time on a Flushing day trip. It is small enough that you can easily include nearby attractions as part of your day. The 18-acre oasis is a welcome break from the city and often less crowded than the city's other zoological gardens.