Isamu Noguchi was one of the most influential American designers, sculptors, and landscape architects of the twentieth century. The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City has been the premier repository for his collected works since its opening. The artist designed the museum, which opened three years before his death in 1988, and is considered one of his most important achievements. The permanent collection, the associated gardens, and the rotating exhibitions all focus on his lasting achievements.

What You Will See

The two-story building, which the artists once used as a studio and office, contains a surprising amount of gallery space filled with some of Noguchi's most impressive sculptures, designs, and other artwork. Rotating exhibitions are hosted upstairs, exploring different aspects of Noguchi's career, including his collaborations with contemporary artists. Be sure to take time to step into the gardens which also were designed by the artist, a renowned landscape architect.

Why You Should Go

Even if you don't know his name, you have seen Noguchi's work, either in one of the many museums which feature him or in one of his many public and corporate installations. Or you have seen his influence in the works of designers inspired by his revolutionary ideas. But nowhere else will you see as much Noguchi in a single location as in his beautiful museum. And even if you aren't necessarily a fan of his work, his designs for the building and the surrounding gardens are worth the price of admission.