New York has numerous options for visitors to participate in the contemporary art scene across all five boroughs. In the other four boroughs, it is impossible to pick a 'best'. But for Staten Island--traditionally underrepresented in contemporary art--the 'best of the borough' is apparent to everyone who visits the Newhouse Center. The gallery is an anchor of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center which also houses a children's museum, the Staten Island Museum, and a botanical garden.

What You Will See

Newhouse focuses on hosting exhibitions that feature local and international artists who have been underrepresented by other New York galleries. While some late-career retrospectives occasionally are on the menu, most of the exhibitions are solo shows of active, mid-career contemporary artists. Since it is a contemporary gallery, the mediums vary significantly, from the tradition paint on canvas and photography to installations using found objects and works that incorporate modern technology.

Why You Should Go

For most New Yorkers, a trip to Snug Harbor is a bit of a journey. The Newhouse Center alone may not be enough to justify the trip. But with so many nearby options on the grounds, pairing Newhouse with an exploration of the Botanical Gardens or a look at the Noble Maritime collection together more than justifies the effort to arrive. You may not know the artists featured in the Newhouse exhibits, but that is part of the fun. You may discover a new favorite.