The New York Transit Museum's main gallery space in Brooklyn is well worth multiple visits. But if you can't make it as often as you like, or if you just have a few minutes to kill before your train leaves Grand Central Station, stop by the small museum annex just off the main hall of the terminal. The annex is just as much gift shop as it is an exhibition space, but since the Transit Museum runs one of the best museum stores in the city, you won't mind.

What You Will See

The annex space curates temporary exhibits that compliment themes explored in the main museum. Visitors to the gallery often have limited time before their train departs, so the exhibits usually do not require a long time to explore. But given the fascinating topics which are featured, often with child-friendly models and dioramas, you will learn a lot about something in a short amount of time. Past exhibitions include an annual holiday train show, a history of early subway construction, and a look back at the loss of Penn Station.

Why You Should Go

Being in situ in one of the city's transportation hubs, it is worth taking the next train every once in a while to explore what is new at the Annex. A necessariliy short visit is worth it, but never quite enough Consider this a delicious appetizer that will whet your appetite for the entree that is the main museum in Brooklyn. And browse some amazing subway-themed gifts while you are there.