In 2017 the Historical Society unveiled a stunning new home for its vast collection of lamps designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The space is perfectly dimmed to highlight the brilliant colors of Tiffany's lamps, mosaics, stained glass, and tableware. The gallery was designed by Eva Jiricna, who specializes in glass construction, as you will see in the illuminated stairs and curved exhibit casings. Even without the historic lamps, this would be one of the most beautiful museum spaces in the city.

strange, old-fashioned lamp
- Egon Neustadt describing his first purchase of Tiffany

What You Will See

Over 100 lamps are on display, together with other examples of works produced by Tiffany's studio. The gallery forms part of the museum's Center for Women's History. Recent research has revealed that many of the lamps designed in his studio were actually the responsibility of Clara Driscoll, head of the Women's Glass Cutting Department, or "Tiffany Girls". The history of Tiffany's contributions to American art is retold in detail, including discussion of his stained glass windows, tableware, and a glass mosaic from the former home of Tiffany's studios. You will get the chance to design your own Tiffany Lamp in an impressive interactive piece, as well as try your hand at identifying counterfeits and forgeries.

Why You Should Go

While popular around the globe, Louis Comfort Tiffany is a particular favorite of New York City, the place of his birth, the site of his father's iconic jewelry store, and home to his original factory. Nearly every major museum in the city has examples of the prolific designer's work. Much of this collection, together with the Neustadt collection at the Queens Museum, is the result of the efforts of Egon Neustadt, who began collecting Tiffany Lamps after purchasing one for $12.50 in Greenwich Village. While a few items in his collection were later revealed to be inauthentic (though these tell a fascinating story of their own), there are few places on earth where you can see this much Tiffany Glass gathered in a single location.