The New York Hall of Science in one of the most interative museums in the city. While also makes it one of the most kid-friendly. Opened as part of the legendary 1964 World's Fair, the museum is one of the few exhibit halls that remained open in much its original state. Until the 1980s, the Hall of Science was closer to a 'World of Tomorrow', with a focus on the potential of technology rather than exploring the current state of science. A significant renovation changed the institution to what it is today: an accessible exploration of the scientific world.

What You Will See

Over 400 installations explore a wide range of scientific topics. The exhibits are targeted primarily at children, many adults can certainly stand a refresher on topics such as atoms and molecules, human and natural evolution, space exploration, and the biology of the human body. 3D films, miniature golf, and science-themed playground are also available at an additional cost, though there is plenty to occupy an entire day at the museum without the add on. Rotating exhibitions cover a particular topic, with the most popular likely to become part of the permanent collection.

Why You Should Go

The Hall of Science is the perfect spot for when kids outgrow the many children's museums in the city but may not quite be prepared for the American Museum of Natural History. But do not be dissuaded if you have kids that are either too young or too old. Small children will find plenty to do, and adults will leave almost as scientifically informed and educated as their younger companions. Serious scientific history--as well as an interesting chapter in the history of the city--are on display at this Flushing Institution.