The former headquarters of a historic Manhattan firehouse has been converted into one of the city's most exciting museums. Firefighters have been a visible and important part of the New York City experience since Peter Stuyvesant appointed the first fire wardens to fine citizens whose chimneys were found to be improperly swept. With a nearly 400 year history to draw on, the museum has amassed some fascinating exhibits and preserves gorgeous antique firetrucks.

What You Will See

The story the museum tells is how the technology and culture of preventing and fighting fires has changed in New York City over the last 350 years. Modern challenges are much different than those faced by the pre-colonial Dutch settlers. The museum has artifacts dating back to 1650 which tell the story of how each subsequent generation of firefighters bravely defended the city against the existential scourge. Retired firefighters are often on hand to give tours and share their personal experiences.

Why You Should Go

While kids love this museum for obvious reasons, it is also a fascinating way for adults to explore the history of New York City. The proud tradition of the brotherhood of firefighters is inspiring, and the breadth of history covered in the detailed exhibitions rivals much larger historical societies. It is exciting, moving, educational, and entertaining--one of the most popular small museums for families in the city.