Since 1887 the Eldridge Street Synagogue has been a Lower East Side landmark and a symbol of the ever-changing face of the historically immigrant neighborhood. The Museum at Eldridge Street which now occupies part of the Synagogue continues to be a symbol of neighborhood change, marking the shift from decline and urban decay into preservations and revitalization. The museum celebrates the long history of Jewish communities in the neighborhood, the magnificent building, and hosts rotating art and history exhibitions.

What You Will See

The magnificent synagogue, carefully restored after decades of decay, is one of the great houses of worship in the city and worth the price of admission alone. The synagogue is filled with interactive exhibitions showcasing the history of Jewish immigration, including photographs, ceremonial objects, and treasures discovered as part of the building's restoration. In addition to the permanent collection, the Museum hosts a series of temporary exhibitions exploring art and topics relevant to the Jewish community and their lives in New York.

Why You Should Go

The Lower East Side is one of the most famous neighborhoods in history. Until World War II, succeeding generations of new immigrants to America funneled through the neighborhood, bring pieces of their unique ethnic backgrounds to replace the character of now-established immigrants from previous waves. Only a few lasting artifacts remain from each ethnic period and the Eldridge Street Synagogue is by far the most opulent from the Easter European Jewish period. This is not just Jewish history, but the history of the neighborhood, the city, and the country.