Despite his international fame, Louis Armstrong always called Flushing home. While he is celebrated as one of the neighborhoods most prominent citizens (a stadium at the nearby tennis center is named in his honor), the modes house he called home until his death in 1971 is the best place to explore and celebrate the life of this great musician.

What You Will See

Louis Armstrong lived with his wife Lucille in this modest home from 1943 until his death in 1971. Since no one else lived in the home, the house is still much as it was while he lived there. It is accessible only through a guided tour, where knowledgable and passionate guides take you through his life, his works, and his influence, all in the comfortable context of his beloved home. Walk through his mid-century den, his blue kitchen, his opulent bathroom, and his comfortable living room.

Why You Should Go

Whether you are a fan of jazz or not, everyone knows Louis Armstrong, who, in addition to his vast musical and recording career, appeared in over thirty films and was one of the most popular celebrities of the 40s and 50s, and has been inducted into almost every music hall of fame. A visit his modest home tells you even more about the man that listening to is entire discography or watching all of his film and TV appearance. You will be surprised and leave a bigger fan than you arrived.