Add a visit to the Lefferts Family Farm to your next visit to Prospect Park. The house itself dates to 1783, built by Pieter Lefferts after he completed his service in the continental army. The house stayed in the Lefferts family long after Pieter's death. But as New York City urbanized in the early 20th-century, descendants deeded the estate to the city and it was moved to Prospect Park. It currently serves as a window back in time to the argraian roots of Brooklyn.

What You Will See

The Lefferts House comes close to being categorized as a children's museum. Its focus is to educate visitors about family life in the late 18th-century. While the home itself has been restored to near-original condition, many of the artifacts available are replicas as children are encouraged to touch and play with these pieces of history. While there may not be the deep details about colonial history that would interest adults, the beauty of the restoration and its idyllic restoration make it welcoming even without children in tow.

Why You Should Go

While not the oldest structure in Brooklyn (the Wyckoff House was already 140 years old when Pieter Lefferts began construction), the preservation of the site and the history of the Lefferts family make this one of the clearest windows into Brooklyn's colonial and revolutionary past. Without children, you may not need more an hour to explore the grounds and the home in detail, but consistent programs, events, and tours invite you back for repeat visits.