The fascinating culture of Korea--primarily South Korea-- is accessible to visitors to the Korean Cultural Center in midtown. The center hosts a variety of events, ranging from screenings of contemporary Korean films to concerts by Korean musicians. The Center also maintains a few small gallery spaces where a diverse menu of exhibitions explore different aspects of the history and creativity of the peninsula.

What You Will See

The center hosts multiple exhibitions throughout the year, ranging through a variety of topics critical to the cross-cultural understanding of the Korean people. Many of the exhibits feature work by contemporary Korean artists--often making their debut in the United States. Other exhibits look back at major moments in Korean history, ranging from the 15th-century enthronement of King Sejong to the 1919 revolution that firmly established Korean sovereignty. Check the exhibition list often to find something intriguing and educational.

Why You Should Go

Events on the Korean peninsula continue to impact world affairs, much as it did through the 20th-century. Visiting the Korean Cultural Center provides a much-needed window into the lives, creativity, and history of the Korean people and their relationship to the rest of the world. But beyond the headlines, Korea has been one of the most creative corners of the world, and their contemporary output in film, music, art, and science provides something for everyone.