The JCM is the largest Children's Museum in the United States focused on the Jewish experience. It was founded in response to anti-semetic violence in 1991 as a tool for educating local children about Jewish heritage and tolerance. Like other museums focused on the unique Jewish experience in the city, visitors of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome and will spend an enjoyable day throughout the exhibitions.

What You Will See

Exhibitions at the JCM are highly interactive and targeted at children under 8. Children can explore facets of Jewish life including kosher living, traditions associated with Jewish holidays, a fascinating tour of ancient and modern Jewish history (including a replica of the Tabernacle), together with an age-appropriate look at the Holocaust. Visitors are also invited to play games, including miniature golf.

Why You Should Go

With a few options available for children in New York to get an interactive museum experience, the JCM stands out not only for its focus on the Jewish experience but its overall message of tolerance and mutual understanding. Regardless of faith or background, young children will enjoy the many hours of fun, games, activities, and lessons available at the JCM.