Since 1995 the IPCNY has treated fine art prints as gallery-worthy art, hosting rotating exhibits of artists and print-makers from around the world. Its mission is to engage the public on the potential of printing in the crowded world of fine art. Since 2010, the center has showcased work by over 1,600 different artists in its Chelsea gallery and recently hired the former director of the Department of Drawings and Prints at the MoMA as the IPCNY's newest head. Exhibitions rotate frequently, so stop by often.

What You Will See

Print occupies a unique place in contemporary art, and the ICPNY is dedicated to exploring its many different facets by hosting a wide range of exhibitions. While many shows feature a solo artist, others gather the works of multiple printmakers using similar novel techniques. As a newer medium, exhibitions focus on modern and contemporary printmakers and their ever-evolving methods.

Why You Should Go

This is the center of the printmaking world in New York City. Even when the gallery is closed, the IPCNY organizes lectures and tours of print-related installations in other institutions around the city. While other galleries and museums have followed their example in featuring prints as fine art, IPCNY did it first and continues to do it best. Do not miss their exhibitions, and try to catch one of their fascinating events.