New York City is the international center of Finance, Fashion, Real-Estate, and Performing Arts. But is it also a major epicenter for the art and science of magic and illusions. Since the days of vaudeville, the city has served as host to some of the most influential magic acts and magician shops in the world, including Harry Houdini. This small midtown museum associated with Fantasma Magic displays a collection of over 1,000 artifacts related to Houdini's life and his unforgettable achievements.

What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.
- Harry Houdini

What You Will See

The museum contains one of the largest collections of Houdini-related artifacts in the world, ranging from promotional posters, film and performance programs, personal effects, and, most importantly, props from his acts. See the original 1907 coffin from which Houdini escaped while handcuffed as challenged by the Boston Athletic Association. See one of the many straight-jackets or handcuffs from which he routinely escaped. And learn about the life of one of the most interesting and enigmatic entertainers of the 20th-century.

Why You Should Go

While his storied career took Harry Houdini across the globe, the magician called New York City home at various points in his life. It was in New York that he performed some of his most famous tricks, including making a live elephant disappear, and escaping from a straight jacket while suspended upside down from a crane. But it is not so much the local connection that should draw you here. Houdini was simply one of the best entertainers of the modern age, and this collection is one of the best in the world.