Staten Island may not have developed at the same frenetic pace as Brooklyn and Manhattan, but in the 17th- and 18th-centuries, it was home to communities as bustling, vibrant and historically important as were found in the other boroughs. To celebrate this period, not just for Staten Island, but for similar communities throughout the mid-Atlantic, preservationist and reenactors created Historic Richmond Town. It is an immersive experience where visitors can tour 15 historic buildings

What You Will See

There is much to see an do at Historic Richmond Town. More than a dozen restored period buildings, including homes, workshops, churches, and a general store are filled with objects from the museum's vast collection of antiques and artifacts, donated by local residents and generous patrons. Join one of the frequent contumed-interpreters for a guide through the buildings, or just enjoy discovering them on your own. See a working farm, wander through a middle-class home, visit a courthouse, or wait for a 19th-century train in a former train station. You can easily spend a day here.

Why You Should Go

Many historic homes and period museums in town can make you forget for a moment that you are deep in 21st-century New York City, but none of them can achieve that do thoroughly as Historic Richmond Town. The institution does not subscribe to the "Great Men" theory of history. Instead, it looks at the lives of the forgotten men, women, and children who built Staten Island, New York City, and the entire country through their small, quotidian contributions. Truly a unique escape from New York and modernity.