The Harbor Defense Museum is the only museum in New York City situated on an active military base (several others occupy former military bases). Its location inside a decommissioned 19th-century fort which once protected the entrance to the Upper Bay of New York Harbor makes the site itself as interesting as the many military artifacts, maps, and interactive exhibits inside. Come learn about the long history between the military and New York City when it comes to protecting its many waterways

What You Will See

Fort Hamilton is the second-oldest continuously garrisoned federal post in the United States (only West Point has been garrisoned longer) and was once a key facility in defending the country from European or Confederate invasion. A section of the fort has been converted to house one of the city's best military-history museums. Collections of artifacts dating back to the American Revolution fill the brick-lined rooms, as well as maps, uniforms, secret access tunnels, and the harbor net that kept German U-Boats out of New York Harbor during World War I.

Why You Should Go

This is not an easy museum to get to. In addition to being at the southern end of Brooklyn, it is located on an active U.S. Military Base with all the attendant security and identification requirements. But visitors who venture to make the trip are rewarded with a tour of one of New York's most unique and important historical sites, complete with incomparable views of the Verrazzano Bridge and New York Harbor.