The Drawing Center has succeeded in its initial mission to raise the curatorial standards of galleries in displaying simple paper works. Most museusm now treat pencil, ink, and pastels as coequal with sculpture and oil painting. But it is not done. The center continues to push the boundaries of the definition of 'drawing' and asking visitors and artists to reconsider where sketches end and art begins.

In the end, the subject at the Drawing Center is always drawing itself: what it has been, what it can be
- Holland Cotter

What You Will See

The Drawing Center, which also hosts a variety of classes and events, specializes in exhibits featuring new and unique explorations of simpler mediums, like graphite and ink. The center has three spaces available: the Main Gallery, the Drawing Room, and the Lab, which independent exhibitions rotating through each of them, as well as a stairwell filled with a longer-term, site-specific commission. The art is accessible and complex, limited only by the broard definition of 'drawing'.

Why You Should Go

Drawing is at the root of art. All great works begin with sketches, and few great artists are not also talented draftsmen. The Drawing Center asks you to consider those sketches not as just interesting artifacts of the artistic process, but as art in and of themselves. Drawing is not something you graduate from, but a unique and expressive medium in its own right that has much further to explore.