This Brooklyn Children's Museum is often credited for being the first in the world to curate specifically to children. Since 1899, when visionaries at the Brooklyn Museum saw a need to educate children raised in the city about the natural world, the museum has invited young people to learn about science, history, and world cultures through ever-evolving interactive exhibitions.

A terrific "Do Touch" place with something for every age
- 2018 Tripadvisor Review

What You Will See

The museum has several separate permanent exhibitions spaces, exploring topics such as world and local cultures, nature and local environment, colors and the senses. Exhibitions are built for interactivity, with a variety of installations for children to touch, hold, see, and explore. Check the calendar for temporary exhibitions, which offer new experiences to visiting children who have visited the museum before. Bring the kids and let them play, learn, and pretend.

Why You Should Go

Like other children's museums around the city, the Brooklyn Children's Museum is best for kids under 8. Older kids may not find the interactive exhibitions as engaging as the many 5-year-olds who can spend hours and hours playing and learning in the safe, colorful, and educational spaces around the museum. Special rooms are reserved for the youngest visitors as well as those children with special needs. Among the many child-friendly museum experiences in the city, this is one of the best.