The 'general' in Art in General comes from the organization's original location in the General Hardware on Walker Street in Manhattan. The gallery and studio space relocated to DUMBO in 2016, keeping the name of this vibrant organization. Since 1981 Art in General has been at the vanguard of discovering and supporting emerging artists through its New Commissions Program and International Collaborations initiatives and hosts some of the most energetic and engaging contemporary art exhibitions in the city.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls
- Pablo Picasso

What You Will See

Art in General hosts a rapidly changing series of exhibitions throughout the year and does not maintain much in terms of a permanent collection. Traditionally it has hosted group shows, but in recent years the gallery has featured more and more exhibitions featuring the work a single artist or a small group of related artists from a similar creative school.

In addition to the gallery space, the organization hosts vibrant events including screenings of experimental films, performance art, concerts, and receptions. Follow the calendar closely to avoid missing some of the best artistic and creative events in New York.

Why You Should Go

DUMBO is an obvious draw for those interested in contemporary creativity in New York and the Art in General gallery is a major contributor to that reputation. The gallery is at the cutting edge of contemporary art and takes greater creative risks in its commissions than almost any other gallery space in the city. While you may not always fall in love with what is on display at Art in General, every visit gives you the chance to discover your new favorite artists.