Announcing the Launch of Permanent Collection NYC

the boxer

On September 1st, 2018, we officially launched

Our goal is simple: comprehensive curation of the many museums, current exhibits, and museum events available to New York City residents and visitors. As passionate fans of museums, the problem we are trying to solve is our own: with over 200 museums--and even more temporary exhibits--in the five boroughs, how do we choose? What's on? What's closing? What suits our mood? What might we miss?

What's On?

Check out our museum and exhibit listings to find the perfect museum or exhibit experience for you. Filter by location, price, topic, and closing date. Sort to see our recommendations. We are adding museums daily and new exhibits as they open so check back often.

What Else?

Follow Permanent Collection (below) on your preferred social media platforms for up-to-date museum recommendations, tour suggestions, and the latest in Permanent Collection's on-going development.

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