About Permanent Collection

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PermanentCollection.nyc is New York's newest guide to museums, current exhibits, and selected museum events

Whether you live here or just visit, everyone feels drawn to museums in New York City. And while the crowds teeming out of the landmarks like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, or the Natural History Museum suggest otherwise, most of the cities 200+ museums are woefully underused. Permanent Collection is dedicated to helping potential museum-goers make informed decisions about where and when to spend their museum afternoons.

What Museum Should I Visit?

We here at Permanent Collection certainly have our favorites, but with over 200 museums featuring art, history, film, science, and religion, there is no universal recommendation. Some may be bored at the MoMA, but love the Museum of the American Indian. Some may be overwhelmed at the Met and find the American Folk Art Museum just right. You should visit them all. But, since you likely cannot, we just want to make sure you have a complete menu of options both on and off the tourist track.

When? Where? How Much?

Museums can be tricky to visit. They keep variable hours--open late on some days, closed entirely on others. Museums can charge admission for some days and let you walk right in on others. Museums can be far or just around the corner. Permanent Collection allows visitors to find a museum that suits their budget, their schedule, and their location.

What Will I See?

Between rotations in the permanent collection and the opening of a new exhibit, museums are constantly changing. But beyond the headline-making blockbusters, there are hundreds of exhibits potentially worth your time. Researching them is time-consuming and frustrating. Until now. Beyond just listing museums, Permanent Collection allows you to search a nearly-comprehensive list of every exhibit currently on view in the five boroughs. Follow PC and you'll never miss another tiny gem of a show.

What's Next

PermanentCollection.nyc is under intense development, focusing on completing the museum listings, increasing accessibility, a full social platform, updated news, and museum event listings. Follow us on all your favorite social media outlets, subscribe to our weekly newsletter and check back everytime you feel inspired to experience something inspiring.